Stony Plain Playschool is probably one of the best preschools around. The whole program was balanced with fun and games which stimulated my kids, and it was structured which prepared them for kindergarten. I would reccommend Stony Plain Playschool to everyone who wants their children to have a smooth transition to kindergarten. All three of my kids went through the 3 and 4 year old programs and they all loved it. Two of my kids are now in junior high and still talk about their playschool years!


Stony Plain Playschool made a huge contribution toward preparing my children for Kindergarten. I truly believe that if it were not for their experiences gained by attending Stony Plain Playschool, it would have been much more stressful for my two boys to start school .


At the Stony Plain Playschool, my son was provided with the early foundations of his education which will follow him throughout his life. The Stony Plain Playschool provides a safe and caring environment where children are exposed to numerous activities/themes geared at the development of social skills. All the activities - play centres, monthly themes, circle time, crafts - are all focused around the early years learning and spatial development of children. My son thrived in this environment and still remembers activites shared with classmates.

Linda Harrison, B.Ed

The Stony Plain Playschool is a warm and inviting early years environment where my son was exposed to a variety of social interactions as well as learning opportunities. He loved going each time and is still friends with several of his Stony Plain Playschool classmates.

Alison Verhey, B.Ed

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